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We proudly offer Extended Services - to Make Your Job Easier.  

When opportunities arise - and it's a bit much to handle yourself - make us your back-room employees!   

Working with local businesses & organizations can build your business, without doing all the work yourself - and NOW you can offer PRINTING services as well

Just ask your local IM rep or Customer Service how IM and IM Graphics can help you appeal to a whole new range of clients - and go get jobs you never imagined possible!

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IM offers nearly 2000 moulding styles, with over 12 million feet of inventory spread throughout 19 distribution locations around the USA.  Add three full lines of mat -and foam-board choices (4 in some locations), and you'll see almost no end to the design possibilities for home, business, or someone's special project. 

Browse our moulding search feature by color, style, and/or size to find the look that is right for your client.  IM stands alone in the range of product choices available from a single source - and we'll be your back room, if you need it.


The International Moulding Story:

In 1988, a retail store called Frame Factory opened its doors in Hoover, Alabama, just outside Birmingham.  Richard Thompson created the business after 20 years working for Sears holdings in mergers, acquistions, and new store start-ups.  His work there brought him in contact with some of the leading entrepreneurial visionaries of the time - including Sam Walton and Sol Price (PriceClub/Costco.)   

Using this experience (and hard work), Mr. Thompson dedicated himself to this start-up of his own.  Before long, he - and his sons - were able to grow Frame Factory into multiple locations around the Birmingham and Atlanta areas. The expansion fueled Richard's vision for the next step in his business model: efficient chain of supply - and a way to offer better value to his customers.  Soon, Interntaional Moulding was born.  

Richard travelled the globe developing relationships with manufacturers, in order to to build IM into a leading importer/supplier of picture frame mouldings, and supplies.  As a framer himself, he understood the importance of providing his customer - and the end-user - with a wide range of high quality framing options at affordable prices. 

Today, International Moulding now consists of 19 Distribution Centers (see below) and over 400 dedicated employees, many of whom have years of experience in the industry.  In the latest step forward, IM now offers production and printing services as a way of enabling customers to expand their reach and offerings to their clients.  Each IM Distribution Center features in-house customer service along with chop/join, cut mat/glazing services - and local delivery (check with your local IM DC for details).  

Our leadership & management group has hundreds of combined years in framing and customer care.  We are proud to have so many leading professionals in the industry as part of our family, with knowledge, experience, and a collaborate approach in working with customers, vendors, and employees.   

International was founded on the core beliefs of faith, family, hard work, and treating everyone the way we would want to be treated. The company continues in that tradition, and the goals of IM today are no different than at the beginning of Frame Factory: provide customers with service, selection, quality and a great value.  

Updates to our point of sale system and website program are ongoing - allowing more direct access to ordering and inventory information.                 For larger volume users, IM can provide services, drop ship large qtys, and cost-effectively transfer/deliver into our normal service areas.          Custom-made moulding designs are also welcome, as we employ the best producer for (you or) your client's needs.

With all the growth and change, International is still a family-owned and operated business. We still "think small" with our customers - that is, with individual care - just as Mr. Thompson appreciated when he was a small-business framer.  We want you to have a great experience working with us, and we thank you for your friendship and your support.  We appreciate it!   How we Serve:  

  •  500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space across the USA - with over 10,000,000 ft. of moulding inventory in stock!

  •  Over 1500 Frame Mouldings to choose from, some of which have up to 50,000 ft. in stock!

  •  Ever-evolving product line to reflect changes in consumer tastes in the marketplace.

  •  Quick turnaround shipping - or delivery - to almost anywhere in the USA - or around the world.

  • Personal, knowledgable staff with years of experience.